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Georgia Home Theater is dedicated to working exclusively with a handful of quality Home Builders that build homes with character. We take pride in integrating technology in homes that are unique and different. But, we are still structured to deal with the aggressive scheduling of "pre-wires" and "final trim-outs" of low voltage systems without holding up construction schedules and inspections.

Special Builder Rates

We have aggressive pre-wire rates.
We realize that you have budgets to follow and that you make a living off the homes your company builds. We have implemented special pre-wire prices that are very competitive. We can offer these prices because we know that we are your partner during the entire project and that we will also be able to work with the homeowner as we design, install and implement their home automation, lighting control and audio/video systems.

We Are Your Salesperson

Let Georgia Home Theater sell technology for you.
We are experts in our field. We can effectively sale the products that will make you more profit. GHT makes sure your homebuyer has the latest technologies in their home and yet they integrate smoothly during the building process. Upgrades and options will be customized for each home owner, as per their particular needs. But, be assured that we will always keep you informed at every step of the process.

You Are The Boss

This is your project and you are in charge.
In Home Evaluation We clearly understand that when we work in homes that your company is building we work for you. We see working with builders as a long term relationship. We will always look out for you and never throw you "under the bus". Any upgrades or changes the home buyer wants to make will be handled per arrangements that you and GHT have decided upon, prior to start of making any changes. Any additional money involved will also be handled per your direction. GHT assures complete price confidentiality in dealings with you and the home buyer.

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