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We pride ourselves on our people and first-class service that we provide to our clients. We consistently keep our staff properly-trained to meet all our clients’ needs and to deliver best-in-class assistance and expertise. We know that excellent service comes from starting out the process properly and then maintaining that level of care and attention throughout. We begin with an initial discovery meeting and continue the process with thorough communication and customized planning to ensure the best results.

service consultation


With our thorough experience crafting smart home systems and delivering smart home services throughout Buckhead, Alpharetta, Sandy Springs, and the entire Metro Atlanta areas, we are able to provide valuable insight and substantive discussion about what products and solutions will provide the best results that are catered to you, your needs, and your preferences.

We guide you through which brands and types of technology are reliable and compatible and answer any initial questions you have. We’ll make sure you’re in the know about the latest technology so that you make as informed of a decision as possible.

Moreover, we’ll make sure you know which products or technologies might be incompatible with others or end up causing you issues down the line. This saves you the time and money that it would take later on to resolve any issues.

services lighting design

Lighting Design

Our in-house lighting experts will create the ideal lighting solution for your space that not only illuminates the area but provides smart function and control as well. We consult and collaborate with architects, engineers, interior designers and general contractors to find the best solutions for your home. You’ll receive the proper documentation for fixture specifications, placement, and electrical plans.

We know what’s possible with smart lighting, so we work to ensure that you see those benefits come to life. You’ll see not only what the right lighting solution can do for your home, but also how easy it is to control it all with just the tap of a button.

services wire installation

Wire Installation

Though often unseen and hidden behind the walls, wire and cabling provide the infrastructure for your smart home system. The quality of your products’ performance is informed by the quality of the wire installation. Our technicians strategically plan and execute all of the needed cabling in both new builds and renovations to existing homes. We take pride in confidently making the appropriate selections when it comes to wiring decisions and installation. The end result is optimal performance and a system that is easy to maintain.

services programming


The programming of your system plays a huge role in determining how well it functions. The programming is what make it all work, otherwise you’re looking at a system of products with no way to function as aw hole. It’s like any vehicle: If it looks nice and even features the newest, greatest design, but doesn’t have the capacity to drive because it doesn’t easily turn on or there are issues with the wheels or under the hood, then that nice car loses its function. As such, it loses value.

This concept also applies to the programming and user interface for your integrated smart home system. Making sophisticated technology understandable and easy to use requires the proper programming to ensure that nothing is lost in translation and that the settings are easy to access and adjust.

Smart home systems integrate multiple sub-systems from audio/video components, media, lighting, shading, climate, security, and more. Each sub-system is essentially speaking a different language, so we integrate everything to be understood in one clear and concise way that’s easy for you to control.

A system’s programming will determine how intuitive the user experience is. As such, our programmers balance technical knowledge with the human element so you won’t need a manual filled with lots of instructions, regardless of if you’re using a touchscreen, keypad, remote, or smartphone or tablet to control your system.

services performance calibration

Performance Calibration

Optimizing audio and video levels for peak performance requires precision and technical knowledge to make the necessary equipment adjustments. Professional calibration is an important step that allows for your system to operate at its highest level. Setting the ideal balance of color, contrast, brightness, and sharpness for video displays is a skillset that requires technical training and working experience. High-quality sound and the proper acoustic specifications are met by using precision microphones and measuring tools, ensuring that your space is properly set up.

services architectural finishes

Architectural Finishes

Our goal is to seamlessly integrate your technology into your home. This involves both aesthetics and function. We can employ a variety of decorative and design solutions like paint and plaster replication, surface repair, decorative pieces, color-matching and more to create the best environment for you. Moreover, flush-mounting systems and hidden technology are available for many common wall accessories like outlets, lighting, touchscreens and even speakers.

On-site troubleshooting and problem-solving is included with our smart home services in the Buckhead and Metro Atlanta areas. Elegance and sophistication is maintained, and in some cases added, to the aesthetics of your space – whether it’s contemporary, transitional or traditional.

services system monitoring

System Monitoring

Our monitoring services provide peace of mind and allows for system maintenance and performance optimization. Access real-time information that provides the status of your lighting system, home network or other technologies simply from the dashboard of your system’s user interface. You can access this at home or from anywhere in the world via your phone or tablet’s app. IP devices and service-provider accounts are effectively managed and secured, with information and documents such as warranties and device manuals readily available.

services maintenance support

Maintenance & Support

It’s common knowledge that a vehicle will need regular maintenance and eventually require service or parts-replacement. This applies to any technology within your integrated smart home system. As such, we provide consistent maintenance like system adjustments and tuning as needed and at set time intervals to ensure that performance is always at its best. With our team of more than 20 installation and service professionals, we are ready to quickly react in the event issues with your system arise.

In the case of any technical issues, we provide fast responses and will be there to resolve the issue in a timely manner. In fact, with the rate of innovations within the technology industry, there may be new updates to your system that we can proactively incorporate to ensure the best technology performance for you.

We’re here when you need us and are a trusted advisor you can count on.

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