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Articles in Category: Outdoor TV Installation Buckhead, GA

Looking to have an outdoor TV installation at your home in the Buckhead area? Discover Georgia Home Theater, the area’s leading provider of outdoor TVs.

Ready for an Outdoor TV? Meet the Stealth Acoustics Patio Theater.

Enjoy the Ultimate Outdoor TV Installation At Your Home This Spring

Ready for an Outdoor TV? Meet the Stealth Acoustics Patio Theater.

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Spring is finally here, and our thoughts are turning to warmer weather and outside activities. The cold temperatures of winter are over. And soon, it will be warm – and humid – again.

Since we are blessed with a relatively mild climate in the Metro Atlanta area, we get to use our outdoor patios, yards, and pools much more than our neighbors to the north. And because of that, we can plan more activities outdoors. But sometimes, our indoor entertainment beckons to us to stay inside – a great movie, the latest Netflix show, or screaming at the TV in an attempt to will the Hawks into the NBA playoffs. It doesn't have to be that way.

We have no solution for the Hawks at the moment, but we do have an answer for taking your entertainment outside. Why not outfit your Buckhead-area patio with an outdoor TV installation? You can watch the NBA playoffs this spring on your patio this spring, with or without the Hawks. You can cheer on the Braves toward another National League East title on balmy summer evenings. And of course, you can do fun summer movie nights with family and friends.

We’re not talking about just any outdoor TV installation here. We’re talking about the next level in complete outdoor audio-visual entertainment – the Stealth Acoustics Patio Theater.

What is the Stealth Acoustics Patio Theater? Just keep reading to learn more.