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Accentuate Your Home’s Design with Coastal Source Lighting

Beautify Your Buckhead Home with a Landscape Lighting Installation

Accentuate Your Home’s Design with Coastal Source Lighting

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When it comes to home lighting, how much have you thought about the exterior of your house? We get it. Most people want to make sure that they have the perfect lighting indoors, but outdoor lighting plays a significant role in making your home more beautiful and more functional.

Your outdoor space transforms at night. Consider your garden. When the sun goes down, it looks different. It sounds different. It becomes a new place, and it’s one that you can take advantage of with a landscape lighting installation. You’ll get greater value out of your home while also adding safety and security to your property, and we work with Coastal Source to bring weatherproof, high-performance outdoor lighting and audio solutions to homeowners in the Buckhead area and throughout North Georgia.

Keep reading below to learn about the benefits of a landscape lighting installation for your property.

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Shine a Light on Your Home’s Beauty

You can’t control how sunlight is going to hit your home, but at night, you gain the ability to highlight specific areas of your outdoor space. Draw the eye to dramatic architectural details as people walk up to your home, creating anticipation as they make their way to the door. Showcase a tree’s beautiful branch structure or illuminate a specific section of your garden.

You can set the mood for your outdoor gatherings with Coastal Source’s different landscape lighting options. You might want a soft glow for romantic dinners with your spouse, and brighter lights for nighttime barbecues with family, friends, and neighbors. Working with a smart home company like Georgia Home Theater ensures that you find the ideal solution for your unique space. 

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Protect Your Guests and Your Property

Outdoor lights do a lot for the aesthetics of a home, but they also serve very practical purposes. Concerning safety, path lights help people navigate your outdoor terrain, and placement of these lights facilitates movement through the space. In terms of security, landscape lights keep your property illuminated so that it's not a target for potential intruders.

If you don’t want to keep outdoor lights on all night, you can set up motion sensors that will automatically activate lights if someone is trespassing. These motion sensors have become so advanced that they can now differentiate human movement from wildlife or debris in the air, so harmless critters or branches in the wind don’t set off your lights.   

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Take Your Audio Outdoors

In addition to their outdoor lighting products, Coastal Source also has outdoor audio technology that delivers high-fidelity sound from sleek, durable speakers. Just how good is the sound quality of Coastal Source speakers? McIntosh is one of the world’s most renowned manufacturers for upscale, high-performance audio technology (and another brand partner of Georgia Home Theater), and when they needed a company to outfit the outdoor space of their Soho company townhouse, they chose Coastal Source for both lighting and audio.

Want to learn more about what a landscape lighting installation can do for your Buckhead home? Reach out to one of our experts at (770) 955-8909 or by filling out our online form.