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Are You Planning an Outdoor TV Installation This Spring?

Get to Know Séura and SunBriteTV, Two Leading Outdoor TV Brands

Are You Planning an Outdoor TV Installation This Spring?

Spring is almost here, and we're ready to be outside. Warmer temperatures and sunny skies will lure us outside. But March Madness is just around the corner too, and the NBA playoffs and our beloved Braves will soon follow, as well. We do want to spend time outdoors, but there are some important things we want to watch too.

Fear not, we have a solution. An outdoor TV installation can help you enjoy all the sports and shows you don’t want to miss, and you can do it all in the fresh outside air – even in the sun on your Roswell patio if you like. You might ask if a standard indoor TV can be placed outdoors. The answer is yes, but they're not designed to do so. First, the screens may not be designed for outdoor lighting levels. Second, swings in temperature and humidity might affect their performance, or cause them not to work at all. Finally, those pesky bugs have a way of finding their way into regular TVs and creating problems.

We at Georgia Home Theater believe indoor TVs should stay indoors. There are outdoor TVs – just like outdoor speakers – that are designed to provide years of service outside. We work with two of the best outdoor TV manufacturers - SunBriteTV and Séura – and each has the weatherproofing and screen designs to perform brilliantly outdoors.

Ready to learn more? Read on to see what outdoor TV fits your style.

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SunBriteTV Outdoor Televisions

SunBriteTV is a well-known and respected name in outdoor TVs and sound. The TVs employ sealed aluminum casings that keep out bugs and protect against the weather extremes. Also critically for outdoor environments, they are designed with well-integrated ports to allow for solid cable fits and the ability to plug in streaming devices like a Roku or Amazon Fire streaming device.

Most likely you want the latest TV technology like 4K resolution and HDR, and SunBriteTV offers Ultra HD models in sizes ranging from 43 to 75 inches. Best of all, there are models specifically designed for full shade and partial sun.

If you want to watch that daytime Braves game in full sunlight, there are full HD (1080P resolution) models that are made for that. SunBriteTV uses special screens and coatings that enable superior brightness and reduced glare even when the sun is shining brightly.

What about the sound? Most flat-panel TVs don’t have the real estate to build in good quality speakers and amplification. SunBriteTV offers soundbars that neatly mount above or below the TV, with the same aluminum weatherized construction to withstand the elements while significantly enhancing audio quality. Of course, if you have an outdoor sound system, we can pipe your TV sound through that too – and if you don’t, it’s a great excuse to install a full outdoor speaker system with your TV. While we are at it, you can also consider a Control4 or Crestron home automation system and whole-home audio video to bring all your entertainment options outside - from music to cable or satellite to streaming services and anything else you may enjoy.


If your outdoor activities lean toward soaking up as much sun as possible, Séura outdoor TVs are an excellent choice. The Storm Ultra Bright series features four models, all with 4K and HDR, ranging in size from 49 to a whopping 86 inches. With 1000 nit brightness, you can be confident that the picture will not wash out in bright sun. The TVs are engineered to withstand temperatures from -24F to 122F, which should make them impervious to our Georgia weather, winter or summer.

Another excellent feature about Seura is that they make matching soundbars for the Storm Ultra Bright Series. The bars are perfectly size-matched to the width of each model for a custom look, and they feature powerful amplifiers to achieve the louder sound levels needed outdoors.

Don’t let your favorite entertainment keep you inside this spring. Maximize your time outside this season with a custom outdoor TV installation from Georgia Home Theater.

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