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Learn About Georgia Home Theater’s New Brand Partner: DMF Lighting

Enhance Your Home With A DMF LED Lighting Installation

Learn About Georgia Home Theater’s New Brand Partner: DMF Lighting

Lighting is an essential element of your home, illuminating your space but also creating ambiance to make it more inviting. Georgia Home Theater is always looking for new ways to enhance the lighting technology for homeowners in Marietta and beyond, which is why we’re thrilled to announce our new partnership with DMF Lighting, a company dedicated to creating attractive, highly functional lighting equipment that is easy to install and maintain.

In this blog, we introduce you to our new brand partner and delve into why you want their products for your LED lighting installation. Keep reading to find out more.

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What Is DMF Lighting?

DMF Lighting recognizes how important lighting is for making a space useful, beautiful, and livable. Their engineers create high-performance light fixtures that are aesthetically captivating and are built to last so that you’re not spending money on replacing equipment.

DMF’s OneFrame System is the result of decades of engineering research and development, a modular system that simplifies specification and reduces the amount of waste during the installation process. Each individual element works seamlessly with the others, and the twist & lock feature means that installation is almost as simple as screwing in a lightbulb. This modular system is also extremely versatile, allowing you to drastically change your lighting configuration by swapping out separate components without replacing your junction box. 

DMF's trims are built from die-cast aluminum that gives them extra durability, and they fit tight in your ceiling, so they don’t sag or leak light. The trims are fully customizable by color, shade, finish, and function. Whether you want your lights to blend in completely with their surroundings or you want to draw attention to the sleek design, you can pick the exact trim to satisfy your design vision.

With each fixture, you also can customize the color temperature you want to showcase. Some DMF fixtures offer warm white tones for relaxed environments, while DMF also offers fixtures that deliver cool white tones for settings that require a focused atmosphere.

What are the benefits of an LED lighting installation?

LED lighting has become the new standard for both residential and commercial spaces. To start, LED lights use 30-75% less energy and last significantly longer than incandescent and fluorescent lamp sources. They render colors with precise accuracy, offer a wider spectrum of color temperatures, and can be dimmed down to 1% of the measured light output.

DMF’s LED lighting products can be easily integrated with the dimmers offered by our brand partners Control4 and Lutron, giving you advanced control over the lighting configuration in your home.

If you want a certain brightness for different occasions, all you have to do is program a specific scene that will allow you to access that configuration with the push of a button on your smart home control application. You can also set your lights on a schedule to make these adjustments happen automatically.

Want to learn more about DMF Lighting and how our team at Georgia Home Theater can provide you with a best-in-class LED lighting installation at your Marietta-area home?

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