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Enjoy a Legendary McIntosh Audio System in Your Metro Atlanta Home

Whether you’re just beginning to develop a passion for audio quality or you have been a dedicated HiFi enthusiast for years, you likely have already heard of the McIntosh brand. It’s legendary. It’s synonymous with high-fidelity. When you see the iconic blue Watt output meter, you instantly know it’s a McIntosh product. From the company’s inception in 1949 to the present day, McIntosh has been renowned by the world’s leading musicians. McIntosh amplifiers powered Woodstock in 1969. They powered The Grateful Dead’s stunning “Wall of Sound” in 1974 – delivering 28,800 Watts of power. They have been the audio brand of choice for world-famous musicians such as Bob Weir, Brian Wilson and Ralph Johnson. And to this day, McIntosh continues to be at the leading edge of producing high-fidelity audio products; designed to deliver that lifelike, uncompromised listening experience right in the comfort of your own home.

We at Georgia Home Theater are proud to be a leading, certified McIntosh dealer serving the Metro Atlanta area, with a variety of McIntosh turntables, amplifiers and more on display and available for demo at our Marietta showroom. We invite you to discover the McIntosh standard of audio reproduction excellence for yourself; with their suite of products built right here in the United States designed to allow you to live your music or your movies. You might know McIntosh for its history, but it’s important, too, that you know about its present and how the brand continues to innovate and develop audio products that set the standard for reliability and performance in the industry. Learn about some of the McIntosh stereo and home theater products we offer below!

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McIntosh HiFi Stereo Products

Most synonymous with the McIntosh brand is its vast selection of products made to power and connect high-fidelity audio systems. To this day, the brand continues to offer its legendary amplifiers for monoblock, stereo or multi-channel home audio setups in both solid-state and vacuum-tube designs, with ones such as the McIntosh stereo MC275 and MC462 models on display at our Marietta showroom. McIntosh also offers high-performance preamplifiers with a plethora of rear connections available and even offers integrated amplifiers such as the MA252. And it doesn’t stop there. Want to listen to your vinyl records in the best possible audio quality? McIntosh offers industry-leading turntables such as the MT2 and the MT5. Even in today’s digital world of listening, McIntosh continues to be at the leading edge of building products focusing on accurate, lossless sound reproduction. McIntosh CD players and media streamers ensure that you enjoy a high-quality listening experience no matter what content you choose to listen from.

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The McIntosh Home Theater Experience

Much like how McIntosh sound systems bring music to life in your own home, the brand also is renowned for its home theater A/V processors. If you own a home theater or media room, McIntosh A/V processors allow you to make the most of the movies you watch – immersing you in the action and enveloping you in another world. Both the McIntosh MX160 and MX122 home theater processors allow you to make the most of every Blu-ray disc or DVD in your movie collection by supporting 3D, native 4K Ultra HD content and upscaling lower-resolution content to 4K, as well. Both the MX160 and MX122 also feature built-in support for Dolby Atmos, DTS:X and other three-dimensional audio formats, connecting your movies with your surround sound speaker setup to deliver a premium-quality, immersive film-watching experience.

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McIntosh for the Modern Lifestyle

Although McIntosh celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2019, it not only continues to manufacture high-performance products for the dedicated audio enthusiast but also for the common listener hoping to take their daily music experience to the next level. Take the brand-new RS200, for example. The wireless loudspeaker features the symbolic blue Watt output meter along with built-in 650 Watts of power delivered to 8 drivers, but it also comes with the convenience of the fact that you can stream music straight to the speaker from Apple AirPlay or Bluetooth. Even connect your computer or TV to the RS200 for a convenient high-quality listening experience. Another way McIntosh has continued to provide relevant audio products for the modern listener is through the vinyl resurgence and its MTI100 turntable. If you’re adding to your record collection or just starting to build one and want the highest quality listening experience without the separate amplifier, turntable and preamplifier, the McIntosh MTI100 has all three simply built into it. All you need to do is add speakers to your setup.


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